A multi-currency account to revolutionise currency exposure and global payments for the music industry.

We currently work with clients from across the international music industry and are proud to support over 250 of the world's biggest artists in 2018 with our unique global currency account.

Our bespoke, multi-currency account has seen us combine expertise and experience from across the financial, technology and music sectors to create a service that is fully transparent, cost effective and fair. We offer a bespoke service tailored to the needs of the music industry, which empowers artists and their representatives to take back control of their currency transactions and global payments.

The global music industry is growing.

A digital revolution in streaming and catalogue subscriptions aligned with a vibrant live music sector has seen significant growth in global revenues for artists, concert promoters, music publishers and record labels. However, millions are still being left on the table.

In this global market there is still a lack of credible, fair options available to receive and exchange currency, send global payments and manage touring expenses. Centtrip offers access to a transparent currency market that ensures complete control, fixed costs and intuitive systems to manage international transactions in real time.

Buy and sell currency

Buy and sell currency

You can exchange currency in the live market with spot trades, forward contracts and market orders depending on your currency strategy - we'll even help you build it.

Make global payments

Make global payments

Send money abroad in all major and most exotic currencies. Use one account interface to easily manage single or batch payments simply and securely.

Manage currenty expenditure

Manage card expenditure

Our award-winning Centtrip prepaid Mastercard® helps control tour expenses with transparent fixed fees and real time balances and transaction history.

Deposit and hold funds

Credit your account

Pre-fund your account and store up to 15 currencies. The account is non-interest bearing and can hold negative interest bearing currencies at no cost.

Transparent and fixed fees for total control

Centtrip fees are fair and clear. By applying pre-agreed fixed fees upfront and providing access to the live currency market,
our clients can achieve unparalleled confidence and control over their international payments and expenditure.

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